Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black Fungus Chicken Soup

Black fungus also known as cloud ear fungus or 木耳, is very common in Asian cooking, believed to be healthy obesity diet food.

It contains very high Iron, 20 times as celery,7 times as pork liver. Eating regularly will nourish blood, keep countenance beauty, and prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia. Fresh black fungus is dangerous to eat as it contains poisonous matter. But most of the poisonous mater will disappear after dried under the sun.

A handful of black fungus, soaked and root removed
Tip: Change several times water during soaking, washing many times till the water is clear.
1 pound whole-cut chicken, bite-sized
3 ginger slices, thinly stripped
1/2 Japanese rice wine, sake
Water or chicken stock

1. Boil 2 cups of water in a pot
2. With another smaller pot, blanch chicken in boiling water
3. Rinse chicken under running water
4. Cook chicken, black fungus and ginger in boiling water
5. Add in rice wine and water enough to cover everything
6. Bring to boil and turn into small flame, simmer for 30 minutes or until chicken is tender
7. Remove excessive oil to clear the soup
8. Serve immediately with cooked rice or noodle.

Note: Some ladies have this menu during confinement. Recipe in reference to Lily Ng's cooking blog.

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